Sunday, July 1, 2012

Designers Choice 15 rehab

I got an email from a neighbor asking if i knew anyone who wanted an old boat or he was calling the junk man.

I took a look at it and determined it was worth saving.  It is a 15 foot Designers Choice.

Here are some before pics:

To drag it home we pulled the hubs and brought them home where we could use the aircompressor to seat the bead.

We removed the sails.  They have been outside for years!

Started excavating the cockpit.

 Shake the ants out!!!

Weird hole...something eat it??

MMM Head sail!!!

 Yes that is lichen!!

 After a good day of scrubbing and bleaching.

Still not perfect, but looking good!

We bleached the sails after scrubbing and soaking in detergent.

Think we will try for a patch first....

Monday, October 25, 2010

What a lame summer of sailing!

It was either too windy, too hot, too calm, too just generally sucked.

I miss my boat...

One day Andiamo I promise to take you to see the sights, instead of leaving you caged in a slip watching the world slip past....

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bottom Paint 5/2010

The last time we painted the bottom was August 2008.  We haven't used her much or wiped her down so I think that contributed to the fouling seen as she was hauled.  Paint is Trinidad SR.

Prop was a mess.

 Port side before and after pressure washing:

Starboard side before and after pressure washing:

Stereo Speakers

Music for Andiamo.

After much thought and research I went with a PolyPlanar MRD 70.  The head unit mounts out of the way as you rarely need to access it.  I don't plan on using the CD feature much if at all.  In this case I mounted it in the cockpit locker and the controls were mounted in the old hole for the engine vent.  Just under the traveller and behind the tiller.

I ran a RCA to 3.5 mini input for the ipod, but will likely get the ipod integration system in the future.

I didn't want to cut the cockpit seats or mount them in the companionway bulkhead, andI wanted them out of the weather.

I mounted a set of bose out door speakers under a plank of AZEK that mounts to a bracket on the pushpit.

Picture the azek like a cutting board or shelf across the pushpit. I have a slotted bracket attached to the pushpit and the shelf has two bolts that slip through the bracket and a set of wingnuts to hold them tight. The top of the speaker shelf makes a great spot to grill or fish from.

Wires are run through a stern vent and I use a trailer plug to make it easily removable.

There is a second set that is mounted along vertical face under the berths port and starboard down below.

Here are the speaker pics.